Wet N Wild Photo Focus Collection

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Sincerely Sarah SincSarahSnapsWet N Wild Photo Focus is a relatively new range brought out to create a perfect base that lasts all day and looks flawless, especially in photographs. Think instagram filters but in real life. That was the end goal I was expecting when I picked up the primer, foundation and setting spray and I’m surprised to say that for an inexpensive drugstore brand, they have unequivocally delivered. 
Pores are a nightmare when it comes to the appearance of certain foundations and can be a bugbear for many of us. This Wet n Wild Photo Focus primer seriously smooths out the appearance of your skin and fine lines without blocking pores – imagine polyfiller for the skin. Some silicone based primers can feel greasy on the skin but not this one. There was a noticeable difference in the longevity of my makeup and the tube has been lasting me really well. I tend to only apply this to my cheeks and chin as oppose to all over and I wouldn’t be without it now. This is the best drugstore primer I’ve ever used. 
Where do I start with this… Full coverage? Check. Light-weight feeling? Check. Long wearing? Check. A joy to apply? Check. Evens out skin tone? Check. Glowy finish with a semi-matte finish? Check. I could go on all day as to why this stuff is sh*t hot but the general buzz in the beauty world speaks for itself. This stuff is genuinely worth every penny, and it’s only $6.00 to start with. I would prefer the bottle to come with a pump but that aside, this foundation is changing the game and seriously competes with many luxury alternatives. Wet n Wild have brought out 20 shades and have tested SEVEN light conditions, with and without the flash to ensure this is perfect, and they have without a doubt succeeded. 
Before Wet n Wild I was never a huge lover of setting sprays, but this is some sort of magic potion I wish I’d known about years ago. I can get to the end of the day with makeup that looks freshly applied; it’s actually become something of a challenge now. The pump on this setting spray could be a bit better and disperse product more evenly but for under $5.00 you can’t complain too much, and it doesn’t make the product less effective.
If I was to order the Wet N Wild Photo Focus range by preference, you can probably tell the foundation would come in solid first place, followed by the primer and then the setting spray. All three are fantastic but there’s no denying the foundation seriously competes with higher-end alternatives, and for $5 you’d be nuts not to stock up on a few bottles!
Have you tried the Wet N Wild Photo Focus range yet? Let me know what you think in the comments!
Sincerely, Sarah xx