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I’m not a big fan of novelty beauty products and it’s so easy to write off brands that are at times unsubstantial or underwhelming. Up until two months ago, I always equated Lipstick Queen with the Frog Prince products and I wouldn’t have said in a positive way – how silly was I?! This post is me holding my hands up and admitting I was totally wrong about this brand.

Fast forward a birthday and a follow-up SpaceNK shopping spree and I’ve developed a full blown love of Lipstick Queen products. I defy you to try their lipsticks and not fall madly, deeply and a little obsessively in love with them. They really are that good. 

In order to tell you all the things I adore about Lipstick Queen lip products I’ve mixed up the format and have written a good old fashioned list. Here goes:  

  • The formula is the most buttery, balmy and moisturising I’ve found in a lipstick to date
  • You’d expect the colour payoff to be a little diluted but no, instead think vibrant colours and gorgeous shades
  • The staying power is insane (another unique combo with such moisturising qualities) 
  • The shine, oh my Lord, the shine is something spectacular. (They have matte options if that’s more you’re thing though)
  • All of the product packaging is divine – the brushed metal effect is classy and each collection is a different colour
  • Affordability is a factor you can’t overlook with beauty products and these are priced around the £20 mark, but they’re nearly always in the SpaceNK sale! The quality is well worth the RRP
  • They make fab gifts as lots of lip products are available in sets
  • The Chinatown Glossy Pencil range acts as a lip liner, lipstick and gloss all in one –  they save so much time 
  • The summer collection come with UVA and UVB protection and Vitamin E to avoid burnt lips 
  • Whoever designs the product names deserves a raise. The collection themes just work so well. 

I’ve spent the past few weeks singing the praises of the Lipstick Queen products and I’ve had more compliments on these lipsticks than any other I own. My collection is ever expanding but take a look at these beautiful swatches:

Lipstick Queen Swatches

From left to right we have:

  • Central Park (Liptropolis Collection) – A beautiful peachy pop of colour on the lips
  • Upper East (Liptropolis Collection) – An elegant nude, perfect for all occasions
  • Soho (Liptropolis Collection) – A vixen red to dress up any day to night look
  • Aloha (Summer Collection) – A gorgeous sheer and classy red that’s super versatile  
  • Stoked (Summer Collection) – A coral red to brighten up any makeup look – perfect for summer too
  • Thriller (Chinatown Glossy Pencil) – A sexy, cherry-like shade that’s wonderfully glamorous 
  • Catalina (Chinatown Glossy Pencil) – A floral petal pink shade that’s really wearable
  • Mystery (Chinatown Glossy Pencil) – A warm berry colour that packs a punch

I’m not one to say you must try certain products but this is as close as I’ve been to saying just that. If you’re a lipstick lover, or even a balm, stain or crayon fan, these are well worth a try. Let’s just say these are now total staples in my collection and I haven’t managed to leave the house without one in my bag since I got them. 

Let me know if you’ve tried any Lipstick Queen products below, and if so, which are your favourites? 

Sincerely, Sarah xx