Summer Holiday Beauty Essentials

I go seriously over the top when I pack beauty products for a holiday. It’s a bit ridiculous actually, especially when I always end up with a core selection of holiday beauty essentials. The reality is that most products in my overpacked makeup bags don’t see the light of day. I’m all about fuss-free, compact and effective products when I’m away. Simply put, anything that requires too much effort stays untouched.

While I was in Greece earlier this month, I sat down to talk through my 2017 holiday beauty essentials. All of the products I talk about proved to be complete and utter staples for me that I couldn’t have been without, so whether you’re off on holiday soon or just want to discover some new hero products, I hope you enjoy the video.

What are your favourite holiday beauty essentials? I’d also love to know if you’ve tried any picks and what you think of them.

Sincerely, Sarah xx