The average adult spends a third of their life sleeping. That’s a seriously long time! Unfortunately, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, wake up throughout the night, or just want to feel more refreshed in the morning, here are my top tips for getting a better night’s sleep:

1. Set a bed time
Bed times aren’t just for children, or at least they shouldn’t be! Setting yourself a bed time is an essential first step in a healthy sleep routine. Work backwards from when you need to get up and try to get between 7-8 hours rest. Once you’ve got a time sorted, be strict with yourself and stick to it.

2. ‘Switch off’ before bed
I loathe the term ‘digital detox’ but that is essentially what I’m referring to. The reduction in light at night traditionally winds us down, whereas light keeps you alert and awake. It’s no surprise that staring at screens right before you hop into bed does nothing for you. Instead, try switching everything off an hour before you want to try and fall asleep. No laptops, kindles and no scrolling through instagram – it’ll all still be there in the morning.

3. Make your bed inviting
Wanting to get into bed is half the battle, so make your bed inviting. Do an inventory of your mattress, pillows and duvet and think about whether they’re working for you. If you wake up with aches and pains, chances are you need a new mattress or different pillows. If you’re always too hot or too cold, change up your duvet.

4. Invest in sprays and oils
Scents like lavender and camomile work to relax the mind and body and improve the quality of sleep. I spray the This Work’s Deep Sleep Pillow Spray every night at home and always travel with the Sleep Balm and Stress Less Oil. It goes without saying that they all smell incredible but they actually have an impact too. 97% of people who use This Works pillow spray say they sleep better as a result – it’s worth seeing if it works for you too!

5. Try Mindfulness
Sleeplessness often coincides with periods of high stress. It’s a vicious cycle because poor sleep makes us less able to deal with stress because we’re not at 100%. If this sounds like your situation, Mindfulness can help. Apps like Headspace and Calm can really help relax an over-active mind and help you fall asleep. Both apps have free versions so you can try them out and see how you get on with them. Like everything, Mindfulness takes a bit of practice so do stick with it for at least a week.

6. Time your wake up properly
I have another tech recommendation for you here, in the form of Sleep Cycle. Can you tell I work in digital health by the last few recommendations? Sue me! Simply put, the app monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up during a period of light sleep, making it easier to get up in the morning as you feel well rested. It’s genius. Try it.

There you have my top tips for getting a better night’s sleep. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products, apps or tips I’ve mentioned in the comments. Happy snoozing… zzz.

Sincerely, Sarah xx


Whether you’re after low maintenance glamour or just want to relive your teenage love of gloss, Clarins have you more than covered with their Instant Light Lip Perfectors. 

On one hand, Clarins have a range of nourishing, functional lip balms and on the other, the Instant Light Lip Perfectors are fuss-free sheer glosses with enough colour to wear alone or layer on top of your favourite lipstick.

It’s pretty impressive, and equally baffling, that Clarins have managed to successfully market a lip gloss without actually using the word ‘gloss’. I’d imagine they’re trying to steer clear of the sticky, gooey and glittery connotations normally associated with gloss and go for a different audience. At £18.00 each, there’s no denying they are high end products.

Ingredients wise, Clarins have packed the Lip Perfectors with shea and olive tree extract, both of which are super moisturising, as well as powdered rice to nourish the lips. The official product description goes down the balm route but I think it sells them a tad short. These do more than just treat the lips, they look great too!

I have shades 01 Rose Shimmer and 02 Apricot Shimmer, and they’re both gorgeous as standalone glosses. I wear them on their own more often than not, but you could definitely layer them on top of lip liner, lipstick or a liquid lip if you want something more dramatic.

The Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors are perfect for ladies who want the impact of wearing something, without the hassle of having to constantly reapply. For a gloss, they wear surprisingly well, have impressive staying power and they make your lips look plumped and full.

The sponge tip makes for easy application, meaning they’re perfect to throw in your bag for any last minute touch-ups. It’s also genuinely difficult to squeeze out too much gloss which gets big points from me – I hate wasting products because of poor packing!

Anyway, if you fancy trying these for yourself, you can pick up the Instant Light Lip Perfectors from any Clarins counter for £18.00 or order them online here. There are 8 shades in total but I’d recommend starting with Rose Shimmer – it’s a universally pretty shade that will suit all complexions.

Let me know what you think of the Lip Perfectors in the comments and if you’ve already tried them, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

I go seriously over the top when I pack beauty products for a holiday. It’s a bit ridiculous actually, especially when I always end up with a core selection of essentials. The reality is that most products in my overpacked makeup bags don’t see the light of day. I’m all about fuss-free, compact and effective products when I’m away. Simply put, anything that requires too much effort stays untouched.

While I was in Greece earlier this month, I sat down to talk through my 2017 holiday beauty essentials. All of the products I talk about proved to be complete and utter staples for me that I couldn’t have been without, so whether you’re off on holiday soon or just want to discover some new hero products, I hope you enjoy the video.

What are your favourite beauty products for a hot holiday? I’d also love to know if you’ve tried any of my holiday essentials and what you think of them.

Sincerely, Sarah xx