Secrets for a Stress Free Christmas

Between the cooking, shopping, decorating and the social pressure to enjoy every minute of the season, its hardly surprising that Christmas often brings a sense of stress. In an attempt to make this Christmas a celebration like no other, I’ve made a few changes to the way I approach the holiday. I’ve focussed on being prepared. My aim: a stress free Christmas.

If mad rushes to Oxford Street on Christmas Eve are your bag, I applaud you. If, like me, that makes you break out in a cold sweat, here’s how I’ve approached things to keep the festive chaos under wraps.

Identify your responsibilities
In the words of Maria Von Trapp “let’s start at the very beginning…”. It’s a good idea to sit down and compile a list of everything you need to do before the big day – this will become the list of all lists but it’s a great way to focus your attention. Make sure you write down everything, regardless of how small a task may seem. My list covered who I needed to buy for, social gatherings and shopping lists.

Christmas has the potential to completely break the bank, which is why this step is so vital. Set a total budget for presents and work backwards setting a limit per person you want to buy for. Don’t get me wrong, the thought behind a gift is far more important than how much you spend, but it’s all too easy to go OTT. To avoid weeping into your receipts come January, your budget is key.

Stick to your budget
I realise this point is implied by the previous but it’s one I had to remind myself of, especially during the whole Black Friday/Cyber Weekend thing. There really is little point of working out your numbers only to blow it with one mighty trip to Westfield. I simply updated a spreadsheet each time I spent anything – easy.

Gather your intel
Thanks to social media we can communicate with anyone at the drop of a hat but gone are the days of everyone having an address book. If you’re into sending Christmas cards, collate everyone’s addresses before you sit down to write them. That way you’ll know exactly where they’re all going and you can just enjoy a stress-free evening in writing your cards. You’ll thank yourself for starting a list next year too.

Shop around
I’m normally an impulse shopper but part of this new found Christmas organisation means embracing the effort and doing some research. By starting early, you can make the most of the sales too. If you’re in need of some gift inspiration, I have a range of gift guides that are worth a look (if I say so myself!).

Finishing touches
Once you’ve got your shopping done, get straight on with wrapping. It’s often the finishing touches that get put off, leaving you surrounded by sellotape and gift tags on Christmas Eve. Throw on your favourite Christmas film, light a festive candle and get wrapping.

I’d love to know how you approach Christmas – are you a planner or a last-minute shopping extraordinaire? I hope you all have a wonderful, stress free Christmas!

Sincerely, Sarah xx

#GivePink SincerelySarah SincSarahSnaps Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Awareness month is over but the cause remains as important as ever. BCA is a cause that’s close to my heart and has been since breast cancer touched my family. I’m so proud to be working with Breast Cancer Care again! This time we’re raising awareness of their #GivePink campaign.

Tomorrow, Breast Cancer Care are welcoming the return of Giving Tuesday. It’s really easy to show your support and get involved. Just take a picture of yourself in your favourite pink lipstick and post it with a message describing why you’re giving pink.

1 in 8 people are diagnosed with breast cancer within their lifetime and Breast Cancer Care do invaluable work. From telephone helplines and online peer support, to group courses and info materials, they offer support to anyone diagnosed, as well as friends and family. They reach 5.5million people a year already. By supporting the #GivePink campaign, we can help them reach even more!

If you want some inspiration for your #GivePink post, you can read mine on the Breast Cancer Care blog here. If you want to try out my Breast Cancer Care makeup look, you can watch it here.

I can’t wait to go through all of the #GivePink posts tomorrow.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

Back in May, I wrote a blog post sharing my excitement for elf’s return to the UK. Since their arrival, my collection has trebled in size. I think I may actually have a problem. Fast forward a few months, add in a 50% off promotion, and here we are… it’s time for an elf haul.

If you’re an elf fan too, I’d highly recommend signing up to their newsletter. Unlike so many brands, they don’t spam you with messages and they run great discounts!

Let me know what you make of my elf haul purchases in the comments, and thanks again for watching.

Sincerely, Sarah xx