One of my favourite parts of packing for a holiday is deciding what makeup to take. As you read this I’m in Florida, so wanted to share my recent packing joy with you. These are the makeup products that made it into my holiday makeup bag. Enjoy!

What are your favourite makeup products to take abroad?

Sincerely, Sarah xx

If you’re a planner, chances are you look forward to holiday prep. You probably have multiple lists for things to do, items to pack and last minute purchases and if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy every organised second! That said, the one part of holiday prep that never changes is my beauty regime.

With holiday season approaching, I hope some of you will find my trusty beauty routine helpful. Here goes…


  • Dry Brushing: Whilst scrubbing your dry skin with a scratchy brush doesn’t sound hugely appealing, the benefits make the effort totally worth it. Dry brushing is detoxifying, it boosts blood flow, exfoliates and for some, can reduce the appearance of cellulite. I spend 5-10 minutes before every shower dry brushing in the two weeks before a holiday with my Superdrug brush.
  • Exfoliation: For a beach holiday I really up the ante when it comes to exfoliating. I do it twice a week in addition to dry brushing, to really ensure my skin is as soft as possible and ready for a holiday. If you’ll be looking to prolong a tan, exfoliation really is key. I’ve been using, and loving, The Body Shop Honeymania scrub – it’s in the sale at the moment too!
  • Gradual Tan: If I’m going to a sunny destination I always use a gradual tanner before I jet off. I’m rather pale so this step is purely for aesthetics. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be the translucent pale girl in a bikini! I’ve tried so many over the years but I keep going back to Dove tanners. They’re the brand I find to be most natural looking and least smelly – an important combo. I’m currently using the Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived (Light to Medium).
  • Face Masks: If part of my holiday involves a flight, I use the two week window as a marker for increasing my commitment to face masks. It doesn’t take much for my skin to become dehydrated and flying really is the thief of moisture and hydration! I normally use a sheet mask every Sunday so I simply add in another two throughout the week. The Tony Moly masks are still some of my favourites, and the Hydraluron ones are fab too!


  • Foot care: I am hugely ticklish so I always do my own pedicure – I can think of nothing worse than paying for someone to touch my feet! *Shiver* I did a blog post about my DIY pedi routine so check that out if you want to give it a go yourself. I like to be thorough but I don’t paint my nails until the night before I go.


  • Hair Removal: My least favourite part of being a woman – it’s just such a faff! Whatever your chosen method, doing it a few days before you leave ensures your skin has plenty of time to recover and isn’t red or sensitive. I’m a big baby when it comes to waxing and always dread my appointments but I can’t praise Strip Wax Bar highly enough. Their hot wax treatments are less painful than any others I’ve had, their boutiques are beautiful and the girls are always super friendly.
  • Brows: It’s probably not a surprise to know I’m a tad picky when it comes to my brows. I’ve been a loyal customer of Blink Brow Bar for as long as I can remember and I will always prioritise having my thread and tint over any other beauty treatment. If you’re particularly sensitive give yourself a few extra days before you leave, and don’t forget to have a patch test!
  • Lashes: Eyelash extensions are more hassle than they’re worth so I opt to have my lashes tinted instead. I find this works so well for defining and opening your eyes without a drop of makeup. I wouldn’t say it’s a total necessity but it’s definitely a ‘nice to have’. I go to Blink Brow Bar for this too and have never been disappointed.

The night before

  • Nails: The night before I go on holiday is my time to relax and get excited for the adventures to come. I tend to pour a glass of wine, get out a nail file and take care of my nails. I always go with bright colours for my toes and if I’m off on a hot holiday I normally go with reds for my fingers. I’ve got so many posts about my favourite nail polishes so take a look here if you want some inspiration.

… and that’s it! How do you get ready for a holiday? Do you do things in stages too? Wherever and whenever you’re off, I hope you have an amazing time!

Sincerely, Sarah xx

I tend to reserve vlogging for holidays or exciting events but I decided to mix it up for this one… it’s just normal life! Now before you totally switch off, ‘day in the life’ type videos are some of my favourite to watch on YouTube and I’m actually quite happy with how this turned out. I hope you enjoy it too!

Let me know if you like these relaxed vlogs as they’re fun to film and I’d definitely be up for doing more. Also, cheeky request here but if you’re a YouTube lover and fancy subscribing, I’d really appreciate it!

Sincerely, Sarah xx


I’m a big fan of the mantra, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. I tend to apply that same thinking to my perfume collection and before you say it, yes, I know I’m terribly boring, but I rotate the same three fragrances time and time again. Sue me. Anyway, if you’re a fan of sweet, floral and citrus scents, you need to check out these perfumes…

Miss Dior (Dior)

This was my first foray into perfume as a young woman and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go without it. It’s a classic for me now – it’s bold, feminine and youthful wrapped into one scent. It’s a super wearable fragrance and is perfect for a day out or evening occasion. The citrus and floral nature of the scent is easy to love and combines mandarin, blood orange, rose and jasmine for a perfectly balanced product. The bottle is chic and looks classy on any dressing table too – win win!

Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel)

I think every woman should have a Chanel fragrance in their collection. They’re iconic, classy and timeless. I adore Coco Mademoiselle for it’s fresh twist on Chanel’s trademark scents; this is a bright yet sweet fragrance that smells light and fresh throughout the day. The scent itself has an oriental tone mixed with citrus and notes of patchouli and rose. The twist and spray bottle makes this really handbag friendly and practical for those on-the-go touch ups or travelling.

La Vie est Belle (Lancome)

An ode to ‘The Beauty of Life’, Lancome have hit the nail on the head with this fragrance – I bloody love it! This is the most recent addition to my core collection and the one I’m reaching for most lately. Compared to Miss Dior and Coco Mademoiselle, this offers a slightly richer scent and is definitely distinctive. I get the most enquiries about this perfume and there’s no truer testament than people asking “What perfume are you wearing?”. Lancome blend iris, patchouli and praline for a joyous fragrance that elicits fun and happy feelings.

Perfume is an incredibly personal choice so I’d love to know what you make of my favourite luxury picks. Let me know which fragrances you’re reaching for at the moment too!

Sincerely, Sarah x

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and whether you celebrate with a nice meal, a lovely prezzie or simply a good chinwag over a cuppa, it’s always a good to show gratitude and spread love. If you do gifts for Mother’s Day and want to steer away from a big bunch of flowers, I hope this collection of gifts will help get your shopping juices flowing.

  1. Amazon Echo – £149.99 – Everyone loves a cool gadget, right? Well I personally think the Amazon Echo is an ingenious Mother’s Day gift. A present that makes a Mum’s life easier is surely a refreshing change? Whether you want your favourite album to play or the lights on or off, the Amazon Echo is a gadget for those in need of a little ease and convenience.
  2. Benefit Cosmetics, Dandelion Blush£23.50 – The Benefit boxed blushers make lovely gifts. There are about 8 to choose from but I love giving Dandelion as a gift. It’s a great universal pink blush that looks beautiful on any complexion; it’s buildable too so you can get a subtle flush or more dramatic look.
  3. NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Alhambra£25.00 – You can’t go wrong with NARS eyeshadow duos and this Alhambra set is a gorgeous neutral must-have. Some may think this is a ‘boring’ colour combo but the blendable formula, pearly toned finish and versatility makes this a fab gift.
  4. Selfish Mother Crew Neck Jumper£50.00 – If you’re an Instagram addict, chances are you’ve seen Selfish Mother products before. I love this red and gold jumper and it would look lovely with jeans or worn as loungewear. There are so many different colour combos and different slogans available so you can pick which you think is best.
  5. Lancome, La Vie est Belle, Eau de Parfum (30ml)£45.00 – This is my go-to fragrance of the moment and whenever I wear it people always ask what it is! It’s sweet and floral but light at the same time, and whilst perfume is tricky to buy for others, when it comes to your mum you’ll know if this will be up her street or not.
  6. Jo Loves, Lemongrass Candle£55.00 – A candle by Jo Malone is always a good gift. Jo is responsible for some of the most luxurious scents on the market and this lemongrass candle is a beautiful and relaxing home scent. Take a look at the Jo Loves site for other variations if Lemongrass isn’t quite your Mum’s go-to fragrance.
  7. Tattinger Holographic Rose Champagne Gift Set£45.00 – A bit of bubble to say ‘thanks for all you do’ is the least us children can do. This rose champagne and holographic box is an uber-girly gift with some added wow factor. Check out your local supermarkets for gift boxes and special limited edition releases – there’ll be plenty to choose from.
  8. The White Company, Seychelles Luxury Gift Set£49.99 – Seychelles is my favourite of the White Company scents and this luxury gift set includes the hand wash and body lotion, candle and bar of soap; that’s a lot of product for your money! If you’ve not smelt the Seychelles products, think bright orange, coconut, vanilla and almond – it’s AMAZING.
  9. Kikki K, Letter Writing Set£16.00 – If you live away from home a letter writing set could be a fabulous gift to innovate communication with your dearest Mum. I know we all have phones and the internet but letters are a lovely thing to write and receive, so everyone deserves this classy letter writing set.
  10. This Works, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (75ml)£16.00 – Whether you’re shopping for a new mum or a mum with children who have long flown the nest, no Mum is going to turn down a better nights sleep. This Works have perfected relaxation products and this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is lavender heaven. There’s lots of data saying it works too – even better!

I hope these gift ideas help you spoil the special women in your life this Mother’s Day. Let me know how you will be celebrating in the comments.

Sincerely, Sarah xx