Autumn Edit
Autumn is by far my favourite season; the fashion, the cosy evenings and of course, the makeup, are my idea of heaven.

I’m truly at home in autumn, so it seems to make sense to create ‘The Autumn Edit’ to share my top picks for the season ahead – think autumn makeup looks, nail varnishes, lipsticks and more.

To kick things off, here is a quick list of things that make Autumn the best time of year:

  1. Chunky knitwear
  2. The return of scarves
  3. Turning the heating back on
  4. Cosy evenings in
  5. Hot chocolate
  6. Halloween parties
  7. Warm brown and gold eyeshadows
  8. Brown and purple lipsticks
  9. Bonfire night
  10. New seasons of US TV shows
  11. Scented candles
  12. Colourful, crisp leaves
  13. Hot Ribena
  14. Trashy reality TV – Strictly & X factor (don’t judge me!)
  15. Listening to the rain
  16. Black Friday shopping
  17. Bed socks and over-sized hoodies
  18. Rich shades of nail varnish
  19. Gingerbread and cinnamon scents
  20. Planning for Christmas

Are you a fan of autumn too? Let me know why you love or hate the season in the comments.

Sincerely, Sarah xx


Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s so easy to overspend on beauty products, but don’t forget, a higher price doesn’t always equate to a better quality product. In a bid to save some pennies I’ve been testing out budget friendly cleansers to come up with the best 5 on the market for both your skin and your bank balance.

I’m a massive fan of double cleansing (you can read my beginners guide here) and firmly believe it’s the most important step in a good skincare routine. Whatever your skin type, there are plenty of amazing products to choose from that won’t have you breaking the bank.

Here are the 5 you have to try:

1. Nivea, Daily Essentials, Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash (£3.15 for 150ml)

A great option for sensitive skin or skin looking for a bit of added moisture. The creamy consistency is rich, nourishing and leaves your skin feeling super soft – thank you, almond oil! I use this as a second cleanse and after rinsing it off I always love how squeaky clean my face feels. It’s a perfect everyday cleanser.

2. Simple, Kind To Skin, Moisturising Facial Wash (£3.00 for 150ml)

I’m a huge fan of Simple products and this cleanser is yet another awesome product from them. I’m not a massive lover of foaming face washes as they tend to be too drying for me but this is 100% soap free so is actually quite moisturising. As with all Simple products, the cleanser is free of nasties and enriched with lots of Vitamin E and B5. This isn’t a fussy cleansing product but that’s exactly why I love it.

3. Garnier, Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.00 for 400ml)

I never use micellar water as my only cleanse; instead I think of it as a makeup remover and then follow it up with a second cleanse (standard!). Micellar waters are great if you’re in a rush, travelling or just not in the mood for a long evening skincare routine, so they’re always handy to keep around. I’ve tried a few brands but keep coming back to Garnier – it removes the most stubborn of eye makeup and doesn’t leave me too dry. My top tip is to go lightly with your cotton pad and try not to drag the product in the eye area; you’ll thank yourself in years to come. It’s always almost on offer too!

4. Nivea, Daily Essentials Sensitive Cleansing Milk (£3.50 for 200ml)

Nivea are doing well here, and with good reason – their cleansing milk is insanely good. Like micellar waters, you use this product with a cotton pad (or a flannel), and whilst it’s good for removing makeup it’s actually even better at cleaning your face – win win. You can use this as your first or second cleanse, or both. The cleansing milk is definitely versatile; the consistency is light, it’s not greasy and a little goes a long way.

5. Olay, Refreshing Facial Cleansing Gel (£2.99 for 150ml)

I can’t rave about this Olay cleanser enough; it does what it’s supposed to, and it’s super cheap in the scale of skincare staples! A pea sized amount is plenty to cleanse your face, the formula is great regardless of skin type, it’s packed with aloe vera and cucumber extracts for soothing purposes and ultimately it’s a pleasure to use. It smells amazing and is so refreshing on the skin – it’s a delight in the morning to wake you up a bit.

So there you have it, my top 5 budget approved cleansers. Tell me what you think in the comments – do you agree with my picks? Have I left out any of your favourites? If you try any out, let me know how you get on.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

This time last week I was eating breakfast in the middle of a field, after a peaceful nights sleep in a tent that was quite literally bigger than my London flat. Thanks to Honeybells Tents, we stayed in a luxury bell tent with a double bed, actual linen and fairy lights at the River Cottage Festival.

River Cottage has been featured on TV since the late nineties, thanks to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall sharing his tips and tricks with the British public. River Cottage is synonymous with raising awareness of sustainable meats and fish and pride themselves on having changed the way many of us eat. This year they decided to put on their first ever festival and we were lucky enough to attend. Watch the vlog to see what we got up to…

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Sincerely, Sarah xx