My First Vlog – The Staycation Diary

Whenever I type the word blogging into my iPhone, autocorrect seems pretty convinced I actually want to say vlogging. Initially that word, as well as the activity, was not on my radar, but as my love of blogging – yes with a ‘B’ – developed, so did my intrigue into the world of vlogging – V intended.

One birthday and a new camera later, I found myself saying “Hi Guys” into a camera with a flippable viewfinder and now I’m writing a post introducing my first vlog. Now before you get too carried away, I’m no Zoella and I have a lot to learn, but I did surprise myself by actually enjoying not only filming my life for a week but also getting lost in the mammoth edit. Without further ado, here’s your chance to laugh at my first attempt of making a vlog. Enjoy!

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Sincerely, Sarah xx