L’Oreal Hair Must-Haves

L'Oreal Hair Must-Haves Sincerely Sarah SincSarahSnaps

Unless a hair product is truly spectacular, I very rarely purchase the same thing twice. Whilst I normally pick up whatever’s on offer or labelled ‘new’, I’ve recently developed a surprising loyalty to three L’Oreal hair products and felt it was only right to share the love. Whether you’re a hair expert or a little lazier with your locks, these are the products I’ve been loving lately and why you need to try them too.  

L’Oreal Paris, Hair Expertise Pure Sleek Smoothing Mist & Heat Protection

I blow dry and straighten my hair multiple times a week but I’ve always thought of heat protection a bit like flossing – I know I should do it but I often forget. (Don’t judge me!) That said, this is a heat protection spray with a difference and whilst the product name is a total mouthful, it’s effects have kept me reaching for it time and time again. Protecting against frizzy hair as well as heat damage, this mist is a bumper 2-in-1 product. It’s lightweight and you only need a few spritzes on towel dry hair before blowdrying. For me, the end result is salon-like sleek hair with zero guilt about heat styling. I’ve actually stopped using a hair oil in favour of this and I see a noticeable difference if I forget to spritz before drying! 

L’Oreal Paris, Studio Pro ‘Curve It’ Curl Mousse

Getting my hair to hold any type of curl can be a bit of a nightmare but this mousse has seriously changed my hair game. A healthy amount of mousse on towel dried hair plus a fair bit of scrunching is the easiest way to create natural, gentle waves that hang about for most of the day. I like the buoyancy it gives my hair and the volume actually lasts and doesn’t fade as soon as you step outside! Mousses really aren’t normally my go-to products but this one has quickly found it’s way into my regular hair routine. I’d imagine this would be great for those lucky people with natural curls too! 

L’Oreal Paris, Elvive Fibrology Root-Lifting Dry Shampoo

Flat limp hair, be gone! Labelling this product as a pure dry shampoo would be doing it a serious disservice. How about a root-lifting, texturising, refreshing dry shampoo? Not quite as marketable but you get the idea. I wouldn’t say this is the best high street dry shampoo I’ve ever tried but it definitely does the job well. What makes this so special is actually it’s power to lift and invigorate hair from the root and I like that my hair looks fresh, healthy and shiny again not dull and matted like some similar products. I spray this at the roots, and use my finger tips to tease at the scalp and that’s really all you need to do. It’s great as a refresher on the go or as a ‘pick me up’ on a non-hair wash day. I absolutely won’t be without this product now.

So that’s it – three inexpensive L’Oreal hair products that actually work! I’d love to know what hair goodies you’ve been loving lately, and if you’ve tried these three let me know what you think of them too! 

Sincerely, Sarah xx