Benefit ‘Cheekathon’ Palette


If you’re a Benefit Cosmetics fan chances are you’ve used one of their boxed powders. In fact, I can probably take that further by guessing you’ve likely used and fallen in love with Hoola. Am I right? If not, what on earth have you been waiting for?!

It’s no surprise I’m a lover of all things Benefit so yes shock horror I’m back with another rave review, but seriously you’ll want to carry on reading this. The Benefit ‘Cheekathon’ palette gives you five of the most popular full-size boxed powders in one handy, neat palette. Along with swatches, here’s the run down of the options included and why you need this at the top of your wishlist…

What’s in the palette?

– One of the original Benefit box powders with a beautifully delicate, natural finish. This is such a wonderful and classic ‘English Rose’ type blush. 

Hoola – A matte bronzer and an absolute cult-favourite. Whether you’re looking for contour perfection or a light sun kissed look, this is the bronzer of dreams. 

Rockateur – A unique rose gold finish achieved by the baked, powder and cream textures for a bright finish. If you’re looking for a healthy glow and a flush on the right side of sexy, try this powder. 

Dallas – Another one of the Benefit oldies, Dallas is a deeper toned blush that’s great to add warmth to the cheeks. If you’re paler, you may want to apply with a fan brush or a very light hand when you’re trying this out. 

Coralista – A beautiful pink blush with a gold undertone that will flatter most skin tones. This is perfect for a light dusting over the apples of the cheeks or a stronger blushed look.


The palette also includes one of the small square blush brushes which is fine for on the go but I’d recommend using your blusher brush of choice for everyday use. 

Things I love: The quality of Benefit powders has never been in question so to have such a great collection in one palette is nothing short of heaven. There really is something for everyone here and you can get so creative with the variety of colours and tones. 

Things I really love: I warn you, this sounds dopey but the floral smell when you open the palette is beautiful! It’s truly gorgeous. You’ll be itching to dip your brush in and get painting your face with these products. You also can’t overlook the exceptional value of this either; each box powder costs £23.50 and the palette with 5 full-sized powders costs £44.50 – you do the math!

Things I didn’t love: I wish I could travel with this more but obviously a palette containing 5 full sized powders is a little on the large side for your handbag. I’m also not a huge fan of the mini blush brush that Benefit include but you can’t knock the fact that it’s there – more handy in the individual boxes for on-the-go touch ups than in the palette though. I also have a huge and ongoing love of one of the other Benefit box powders, Sugarbomb, so I was a bit sad this wasn’t included but the warmth can be achieved through a combo of Dallas, Dandelion and Coralista. 

powders edited

Purchasing options: Buy directly from Benefit’s website or head to your local counter. As mentioned above, the palette will set you back £44.50 and boy, it’s worth every penny! 

Between the swatches, the beautiful packaging and the super high quality products, it’s safe to say I’m firmly flying the flat for camp ‘Cheekathon’.

Sincerely, Sarah xx