Brow Routine & Favourite Products

I was 18 when I first started using products to define and shape my eyebrows and haven’t missed a day since. Good eyebrows can totally change your face so there’s no reason for not looking after them.

My current brow routine is incredibly easy and after enough practice, requires little concentration.  Two treatments, two products and two tools – simple:


Eyebrow Threading – In my opinion, threading is better than waxing. I like the precision threading creates and find the shape of my brows last longer between treatments. I get my brows threaded at Blink Brow Bar once a month and have never been disappointed; the ladies are always lovely and leave my brows preened to perfection. Don’t forget that shape is the key to a good brow so it’s not worth skimping on this step of the routine.

Eyebrow Tinting – Tinting is a reasonably new discovery for me and I swear by it now. I was always scared of ending up with a poor colour match, hence why I’m so late to the tinting party, but I totally trust the ladies at Blink Brow Bar and I’d never go anywhere else now. Tinting is great if you have fair brows, sparse brows or just prefer a lower maintenance brow routine. The colour tends to last up to 3 weeks and means you need less of your brow products too – win win.


Benefit KaBrow – A cream-gel eyebrow product that I couldn’t live without – it’s a total all-rounder product. KaBrow is buildable so can be used for natural and dramatic looks. It also lasts all day, is waterproof and there’s a brush in the packaging so it’s makes an awesome travel product too. I adore how precise I can be with this product; I’ve never got such a clean arch with any other product. It’s overtaken the Benefit BrowZings as my favourite brow product, which is extremely high praise indeed.

Benefit Gimme Brow – This product is an absolute saviour if you want thicker yet natural looking brows – it mimics the appearance of real hairs and genuinely looks good. Gimme Brow’s tiny brush is precise and the tinted gel is buildable, long-wearing and a tube lasts a long while. I use this after KaBrow to mess up my brows a bit, especially for a day look.


Real Techniques Brow Brush – I’ve gone through so many hard angled liner brushes for my brows but the Real Techniques one is by far my favourite. The brush has just the right density, doesn’t shed and works well with creams, powder and wax based brow products.

Spoolies – I have no brand allegiance with spoolies, I’ll take whichever I put my hand on first. Ultimately it doesn’t matter which you use, just use one; they’re fab for brushing your brows up to get maximum thickness – they come in handy with mascara too. I use mine before applying both KaBrow and Gimme Brow. You can pick up inexpensive multipacks on Amazon if you want to try them out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my current brow routine and favourite products. What do you use on your brows? Do you have a favourite treatment?

Sincerely, Sarah xx

Last weekend I went to Italy for the first time and fell in love with Pisa and Florence. Italian culture, amazing food, prosecco, and of course, great company, made it a long weekend to remember. I vlogged the entire trip and 402 video clips later and many hours editing, this is what I’ve come up with. Enjoy…

Vlogging is far more work than I ever imagined but it’s so worth it when you get to relive experiences and memories whenever you want. Have you tried vlogging? Do you enjoy watching vlogs? Let me know in the comments down below, and if you enjoy my videos, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

Primark is a shop I love to hate. I’m not great with busy, messy shops but I really do love a good bargain. My last visit to Primark was the most positive and productive in a long while so I wanted to document my purchases for you all to enjoy.

For under £50 I ended up with two big and one regular sized bags of shopping including autumn woollen goodies, homeware bits and everyday essentials.  Enjoy the video!



Have you had a Primark spree recently? Let me know what you’ve been buying in the comments, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review

I am a self-confessed ‘BeneBabe’ and have been since I was 13. I adore the quirky packaging, the product names, the quality and innovation behind products and most importantly their philosophy and approach to makeup is refreshing – laughter is the best cosmetic, after all.

Bar the trusty Benefit play sticks, I’ve always been left a little wanting from their foundations and tinted moisturisers and my first experience of the Hello Flawless, Oxygen Wow wasn’t particularly positive. I remember being distinctively underwhelmed for a few reasons – mainly the coverage and speed at which I emptied my bottle!

Fast forward 4 years and I finally decided to give it another go with the help of Lisa Potter Dixon’s YouTube videos. Now I don’t know if I simply had no taste in 2012 but I have done a complete 180 when it comes to my thoughts on this product and wanted to share my revised, unfettered thoughts with you all.

Official Product Description:

Benefit describe this as a brightening liquid foundation that builds from light to medium coverage in a natural way. The official description is packed with synonyms for luminous, glow, healthy etc – you get the idea. The actual formulation is oil-free, claims hydrating benefits and impressively has a broad spectrum SPF 25 PA +++ (that’s both UVA and UVB protection to you and me!).

What I love:

  • The Consistency – It’s comparable to Chanel Vitalumiere in consistency and I love how blendable the formula is. It’s also great for building up the coverage if you want something heavier for the evening. As a full coverage girl, it’s a welcome change to build up a foundation that feels light and refreshing on the skin – finally a foundation that allows my face to breathe!
  • A Proper SPF – I wear a daily SPF but it’s hard not to be impressed that Benefit have included such a robust protection in their foundation.
  • The Staying Power – For a light to medium coverage foundation, the staying power of this is pretty darn good. I use it with a good concealer over the top but it requires little, if any, touch ups throughout the day and night and the wearing quality doesn’t deteriorate over time either – no patchiness or drying to be seen!

What I really love:

  • The GLOW – I mean seriously, this foundation really does make your skin look healthy. The description is actually very accurate when it comes to the radiance and brightening effects  – this alone makes it worth trying to be honest.
  • It Smells Delightful – I know you shouldn’t buy a product just for it’s scent (unless it’s perfume) but this really does smell lovely and kind of reminds me of summer – it’s fresh.
  • Bring on the DEW – Dewiness and glow are different in my book, although they’re often confused. Now it’s autumn and my skin is getting drier I like a foundation with a non-matte finish so this semi-dew result is perfect. Big points for this.
  • Application Options Galore – I’ve gone through phases of applying this with a beauty blender, my fingers, a traditional foundation brush, a stippling brush… I could go on – it’s that versatile. It’s refreshing to have so much choice when you’re applying your makeup: it’s a joy to use.

What I don’t love:

  • Shade Range – I’m usually the palest colour in any foundation range and I am happy with the colour I’ve found of this, but I do have to mention that 9 shades, whilst better than some brands, isn’t totally inclusive. The paler shades are all quite similar so I would recommend trying these out in store before purchasing to get the right colour.
  • A Tube Doesn’t Last Me Long – Now whilst the foundation wears fantastically and definitely lives up to it’s claims, I do find I go through it quite rapidly compared with other foundations. I do think this is down to expectation and preference though – I prefer a heavier coverage so naturally I do layer this up a little more than someone who likes a light base. Even so, in the strive for total honesty it’s best to mention these things as it might help some of you!

Purchasing options: The Hello Flawless, Oxygen Wow foundation is £26.50 for 30ml. As with all Benefit products, you can order on their website here or pop into one of their boutiques or concessions.

Have you guys tried this foundation? What do you make of Benefit foundations in general – are you a fan? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

DIY Pedicure

Cosy evenings in are perfect for a pamper, and the term ‘pretty feet’ doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. Pedicures are often regarded as the manicure’s ugly sister and let’s face it, many of us hate feet and therefore ignore them as much as possible – or is that just me?

For the past few months I’ve made a conscious effort to give my feet a treat every week.  We all know how to paint our nails, but giving ourselves a good pedicure takes a little more effort and knowledge. To make life easier, here’s a easy guide at a DIY pedicure:


This is the easy, non-gross bit. Whether you want to simply fill up a bucket with soapy water or have a luxurious bath, give your feet ample time to soften in water. I use Tea Tree Oil when soaking my feet to banish any nasty foot bacteria and leave them smelling lovely and fresh. You have my full permission to go OTT with oils at this stage, throw in whatever takes your fancy and leave your feet in for 15 minutes.


Foot files are not glamorous yet they do an essential job. Hard, dead skin is not good for your feet and it also doesn’t look the nicest. Wet your foot file of choice, and using a little shower gel (for lubrication) work in back and forth motions starting on your heel and work over any rough areas. Despite the temptation to be vigorous, the gentle touch here is best – you want to be abrasive to the top layer of skin not make your feet bleed and leave them raw!

My foot file of choice is by Brush Works*; it’s well designed, comfortable in hand and has two levels of file so you can pick what’s right for you. The handle and grip means you can get a good natural angle to scrape, and scrape some more, until you’re feet are smooth.


Once you’ve got rid of your hard skin, reward your feet with a rich body butter. I adore The Body Shop body butters and use mine religiously but any thick, rich cream should do the job. I apply my moisturiser quite generously and then allow 5-10 minutes for it all to sink in – you want to keep your newly soft skin as soft as possible.


Using strong steel clippers, made for toe nails, clip straight across the nail. Don’t take too much away, and don’t faff about with angles or curving the nail – just keep a straight line. I use the Brush Works* toe nail clippers, they’re hard wearing and inexpensive.


Using a nail file (glass or a traditional emery board) smooth your freshly clipped nails and shape into a gentle rounded style. This will help prevent ingrown toe nails and will make sure they grow out evenly. They do this in salons, so hey, why not do it too?


I’ve definitely been guilty of ignoring the cuticles on my feet but as part of my ‘foot focus’ this has changed. A simple orange stick (cuticle pusher) will do the job but since trying out the Brush Works crystal cuticle sticks*, I have fallen a bit in love with them – don’t mock me! The crystalised abrasive tip helps exfoliate and remove any excess cuticle without clipping.

DIY Pedicure


Some say toe separators are unnecessary and a bit of a novelty, but they just make things easier and speed up painting your nails. The pink ones in the picture are available here*.


Painting your toenails isn’t dissimilar from painting your fingers: pick your colour, pop it on, and you’re done. However, I never skip a base coat for my toes. Ever noticed how long your toe polish lasts compared to your fingers? That’s exactly the reason you want a base coat to protect your nails from staining. I prefer either really dark colours or something bright on my feet and love the Nails Inc formula on my toes.


Once your nails have dried you’re on the home straight, simply repeat step 3 but with an even more generous helping of your favourite moisturiser. I stick with my Body Shop one but if you fancy having a read of my other top moisturiser picks, have a read of this.

10: OIL

Popping oil on your cuticles is the best way to finish off your DIY pedicure; it’ll lock in moisture and ensure your skin is prepped until your next DIY pedicure. The Butter London cuticle oil is my favourite but there are plenty of own-brand options that’ll do the job well too.

Hope you enjoyed the pedicure routine recommendations. Do you do all of this already? Let me know in the comments below and enjoy your pamper time!

Sincerely, Sarah xx