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I’m not a big fan of novelty beauty products and it’s so easy to write off brands that are at times unsubstantial or underwhelming. Up until two months ago, I always equated Lipstick Queen with the Frog Prince products and I wouldn’t have said in a positive way – how silly was I?! This post is me holding my hands up and admitting I was totally wrong about this brand.

Fast forward a birthday and a follow-up SpaceNK shopping spree and I’ve developed a full blown love of Lipstick Queen products. I defy you to try their lipsticks and not fall madly, deeply and a little obsessively in love with them. They really are that good. 

In order to tell you all the things I adore about Lipstick Queen lip products I’ve mixed up the format and have written a good old fashioned list. Here goes:  

  • The formula is the most buttery, balmy and moisturising I’ve found in a lipstick to date
  • You’d expect the colour payoff to be a little diluted but no, instead think vibrant colours and gorgeous shades
  • The staying power is insane (another unique combo with such moisturising qualities) 
  • The shine, oh my Lord, the shine is something spectacular. (They have matte options if that’s more you’re thing though)
  • All of the product packaging is divine – the brushed metal effect is classy and each collection is a different colour
  • Affordability is a factor you can’t overlook with beauty products and these are priced around the £20 mark, but they’re nearly always in the SpaceNK sale! The quality is well worth the RRP
  • They make fab gifts as lots of lip products are available in sets
  • The Chinatown Glossy Pencil range acts as a lip liner, lipstick and gloss all in one –  they save so much time 
  • The summer collection come with UVA and UVB protection and Vitamin E to avoid burnt lips 
  • Whoever designs the product names deserves a raise. The collection themes just work so well. 

I’ve spent the past few weeks singing the praises of the Lipstick Queen products and I’ve had more compliments on these lipsticks than any other I own. My collection is ever expanding but take a look at these beautiful swatches:

Lipstick Queen Swatches

From left to right we have:

  • Central Park (Liptropolis Collection) – A beautiful peachy pop of colour on the lips
  • Upper East (Liptropolis Collection) – An elegant nude, perfect for all occasions
  • Soho (Liptropolis Collection) – A vixen red to dress up any day to night look
  • Aloha (Summer Collection) – A gorgeous sheer and classy red that’s super versatile  
  • Stoked (Summer Collection) – A coral red to brighten up any makeup look – perfect for summer too
  • Thriller (Chinatown Glossy Pencil) – A sexy, cherry-like shade that’s wonderfully glamorous 
  • Catalina (Chinatown Glossy Pencil) – A salmon yet with a floral petal pink shade that’s really wearable
  • Mystery (Chinatown Glossy Pencil) – A warm berry colour that packs a punch

I’m not one to say you must try certain products but this is as close as I’ve been to saying just that. If you’re a lipstick lover, or even a balm, stain or crayon fan, these are well worth a try. Let’s just say these are now total staples in my collection and I haven’t managed to leave the house without one in my bag since I got them. 

Let me know if you’ve tried any Lipstick Queen products below, and if so, which are your favourites? 

Sincerely, Sarah xx 

Beauty trends come and go but if you’ve not heard of multi-masking, you may want to check it out. Unlike many beauty fads, this one is easy to do and actually comes in useful!

Simply put, multi-masking is a way of tailoring products to your various skincare needs, simultaneously – aka, using more than one face mask at the same time! If you think about it, what your T-Zone needs is likely to be different to your cheeks and chin, or at least it is for me.

Face masks really are having their ‘moment’, so it’s no surprise that L’Oreal have launched a brand new range of three Pure Clay masks: Purify, Detox and Glow. Each pot promises 10 applications so if you’re multi-masking your product will go even further – another win. If you’re unsure which of the masks to pick, here’s what they do:

  • Pure Clay Purity Mask – Purifies and mattifies
  • Pure Clay Glow Mask – Brightens and exfoliates
  • Pure Clay Detox Mask – Detoxifies and clarifies

Each mask is made up of three pure clays and have additional ingredients for the specific purpose of the mask. The products all contain Ghassoul to clarify, Montmorillonite to get rid of imperfections and nasties and Kaolin to absorb excess sebum and impurities.

I opted for the Purity mask for my oily T-Zone and chin and slathered the Glow Mask everywhere else. I haven’t tried the Detox mask yet but here are my initial thoughts on the two I’ve used:

Pure Clay Purity Mask

Official Description:  L’Oreal promise instant and lasting visible results including fresh, clean and purified skin immediately with more mattified, cleaner and softer skin after a week. Light application is recommended, rather than applying a thick layer.

Thoughts: This was a bit iffy initially for me – I got the dreaded sting for the first few minutes but persevered although now I think I should’ve taken it off. I applied this on my T-zone and chin as I definitely wouldn’t say no to the temptation of mattifying wonder.  Immediately after washing it off, my skin looked clean and definitely felt fresh but unfortunately a break out followed the next day. I’ll try it again but a breakout doesn’t do much for first impressions. It could just be coincidence but I’ll proceed with caution next time.

Pure Clay Glow Mask

Official Description: Similar to the purifying mask, immediate and longer term benefits are listed and include softer, smoother and brighter skin. After a weeks use you should notice tighter feeling pores and refined skin texture.

Thoughts: I’ll give anything a go if it tells me I’m going to get a healthy glow – I mean who doesn’t want that?! I had no irritation using this mask, in fact it was uber creamy and felt lovely on the skin. My face definitely looked brighter after washing it off and was super soft. I’d say this was more of a success than it’s purifying partner.

multimasking selfie

If you’re looking to try out multi-masking, I’d definitely recommend giving the Pure Clay masks a shot. They’re inexpensive and give you plenty of options; the packaging is slick, they’re all really creamy and they don’t baffle you with long lists of complex ingredients and science. The simplicity of range makes life so much easier, and multi-masking is not just fun, but efficient and good for your skin too. It’s a winner from me.

Have you tried these masks yet? Are you into the multi-masking trend? Let me know in the comments.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

I’ve been a bit of a drugstore shopping addict lately. I mean, it really did get a bit ridiculous at one point! Since all the products I’ve been purchasing recently are readily available on the high street, I’ve filmed another haul video. I tried to make this one a little different by adding in my first impressions, so I hope you enjoy it. Please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more beauty videos…

If you fancy checking out any of the products, here are the links you’ll need:

Thanks again for watching and reading! Let me know what your favourite products are from the haul.

Sincerely, Sarah xx

Drugstore rant post picI like to keep my slice of the internet as a positive place, however for this post I’m going to ask you very nicely for a pass because I’m about to have a much needed rant…

It goes without saying that I’m a fan of both high end and drugstore makeup and actually thanks to developing my blog I’ve been trying out more and more affordable products than ever before – and I’ve been enjoying it, mostly. I feel slightly ashamed for admitting this but here goes nothing.

At times, I strongly dislike hate shopping for drugstore makeup. Now let’s clarify that statement quickly; it’s not that I don’t like the products, in fact it’s quite often the exact opposite, but the experience of purchasing from a display stand and not a counter is, 9 times out of 10 a horrific, stressful and very messy experience! Here are the seven deadly sins of beauty shopping that drugstores excel at:

1. Where are the testers?
Drugstore beauty stands have specific spaces for testers. That is not, I repeat, not a myth. So why in the world are they left empty in so many shops? If you can stock the shelves, surely you can stock the testers? I recently asked a Sales Assistant for a tester, in an attempt to avoid becoming one of those annoying people who test the actual products (we’ll come on to that specimen of shopper shortly) and I was told “Oh, someone must have stolen it”, so guess what, I didn’t buy the product. Retailers: it’s a simple equation, if customers can’t try the shades, they’re less likely to spend money in your shop. Sort it out!

2. Where are the CLEAN testers?
On the occasion there is a tester in the rightful place, I’d bet 50% of the time the one available is filthy or broken – it may have product smeared over the packaging, hell, it may be so crusty you don’t even want to pick it up, far less try it on your body. Is it too much to ask for a tester to be available, as well as one you’ll actually want to use? I think not. General rules of hygiene surely apply?

3. Why am I different shades within the same brand?
It’s very common to be a size 10, 12 and 14 in different tops from the same shop and annoyingly that ever so convenient occurrence now applies to drugstore makeup. Why oh why can’t one shade for one brand be the same across all of their foundations or concealers? In the digital world with a huge online shopping market, you’d think cosmetics brands would keep things simple but alas that’d be far too easy. Keep swatching ladies – just make sure you’ve had your tetanus jab.

4. Isn’t this meant to be an actual product? Why has it been used?
Picture this: you’ve given up on finding a new foundation because there aren’t enough hours in the day to guess your correct colour, so instead you move on to lip products or liners. Now imagine your frustration when you’ve finally decided on a few colours, pick them from the product line and give them a quick check – you know, the way you’d check a tray of eggs to make sure none are cracked in the supermarket? – only to find they’ve been used. Yes, this happens, ALOT. Grrrrrr.

5. Any chance of a babywipe?
Some of the central London flagship Superdrug shops have started offering tissues and baby wipes to customers testing out makeup. Hooray! Since I spotted this, I’ve noticed it really only happens in a few select stores and unfortunately the ones I go into with the sort of time you need to successfully try out drugstore products, don’t offer this. I go prepared now with wipes in my bag, but it’d be a nice customer service touch for the future.

6. Product 0 – 1 Basket
The wire shopping baskets we get in the UK are not practical for storing makeup. If you win the postcode lottery you’ll be able to use the baskets with specific cosmetic trays but for most of us, we’re left to either balance the copious number of products or constantly check which ones you’re leaving in your wake. If the drugstore is the first shop you go into this is less of an issue but balancing everything with other shopping bags is a total pain, especially when it’s busy.

7. Fort knox packaging
I promise I’m not trying to moan about everything but after the ordeal of purchasing the products that suit your skin tone and complexion, you’d think the challenges stop there. They don’t. Try unwrapping products without breaking nails, chipping polish, or just wasting more than ten minutes per item. More to the point, how do people manage to do this in-store when testing non-testers – HOW?! I totally get it’s a fine line between deterring people from opening things before purchasing them but we’re not playing pass the parcel, just let us eager beauty lovers get into our shiny new mascara, please! 

Now you’ve read through the my drugstore shopping pet peeves, I’d love to know what do you think. Are you equally angered or do you feel the pros (loyalty points, discounts, ease of access etc) outweigh the negatives?

I simply wish drugstores took a bit more pride in the products they’re selling. They surely wouldn’t want to use crusty, dirty, cracked testers either –  that’s if they’re lucky enough to find a tester at all.

1, 2, 3… Breathe! Now I’m off to film a tutorial with drugstore makeup 😉

Sincerely, Sarah xx

I have a guilty pleasure. I can’t see a ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ video on YouTube and not click. I can’t truly explain why, except I think my nosiness just gets the better of me every time.

As this year’s birthday rolled around I knew I was going to have a go at filming my very own ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ video, and I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out.

If you like what you’ve seen, here are all the products in the video:

Thank you once again to my family and friends for making my birthday one to remember. Who knew turning 26 would be so much fun?

Sincerely, Sarah x